How to Shorten Web Links to Include in Text Messages

There are times when you might want to send a web page link (URL) inside a Text Message.  However, trying to keep your entire text message as short as possible, the web link can take up almost your entire message.   That's why we recommend you shorten the link using a free service like (

Learn more about 1-800 Notify and our 30-day Free Trial here.

The added benefit of shortening your links, is that you can use Bitly's free tracking reports to see how many people clicked on each of your links after you send out the Text (or Email) from 1800 Notify.

Here's an example of a regular web address:

Using, we can shorten this to:

STEP 1: Sign up for a free account

1.1  Go to

Don't be tempted to just shorten your link without creating your account, instead click SIGN UP to create your free account - it will give you the tracking for clicks and taps on your link.


1.2  Sign up using your favorite method.


STEP 2: Create your Shortened Bitlink

2.1  Login to if you are not already logged in.

2.2  Click the CREATE BITLINK button.


2.3 Copy and paste the long URL (your regular web address) into the box.



2.4 Once you click CREATE, your new Bitlink will be shown.  We strongly recommend you edit it to make it more meaningful for your organization. 

For example, we changed the created link to to make it more interesting to click and more meaningful.


2.5  You're done creating your new shortened Bitlink: 

Click the COPY button and email it to your contact at 1800 Notify ( or you can paste it directly into your Text Message you'll be sending from 1800 Notify.



Go ahead and send out your texts and start looking at the results!



After you send out your new shortened link with a Text Message or Email Message from 1800 Notify, you can login to your account at and check out the click results on a screen like the one shown below.






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