SFTP File Transfer - How to use FileZilla

Sometimes you might want to transfer files via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) to 1-800 Notify.  Here's how to get that done.

Important: To follow these instructions, you will need an SFTP Client software application installed on your computer.  In this example, we use FileZilla.   You can download FileZilla for free from this site: https://filezilla-project.org/

1. Log into your account at sftp3.1800notify.com using the username and password supplied.  If you don't have a username or password, please email support@1800notify.com or call 1-800-939-1853 for help.

2. When you login, you will be in the 'root' folder of your account.  To send us files, you need to navigate or move to the 'in' folder by double-clicking on it.


2. You will see when you are inside the 'in' folder by looking next to "Remote site", it should show /home/(number)/in.


3. VERIFY YOUR FILE NAME: Make sure that the file name of your file is named correctly, if you were asked to name the file a specific way by 1-800 Notify Support personnel.

In this example, the file must start with "Billing_Call_List" followed the YEAR-Month-Day-Time in this format:  "Billing_Call_List_20180806_0800.csv" 

On the left side window in FileZilla, navigate to the correct folder on your computer where your file is stored.


4. DRAG AND DROP the file from the left side (your computer) to the right side window (the 1800 Notify SFTP server) 'in' folder.  

After dragging and dropping, you should now see the file on the right side window.


If you were asked to alert 1-800 Notify personnel of the file being transferred, then please call or email the person who asked you to let them know of the successful file transfer.



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