Reputation Management: Patient Filtered Feedback Process with 2-Step Text Auto-reply

Did you know that patients many times will make a selection about whether to ask for an appointment at your practice based on the online reviews they see when they do a Google search for you.  They will see Google, Yelp, Health Grades and other reviews almost at the same time they see your practice information. 

You want to try to make sure those reviews are:

- Positive   (4-5 stars)

- Recent     (ideally within the last month)

- Plentiful  (more than 10 reviews, usually the more the better)

1-800 Notify can help with a simple process that will help achieve your goals to improve your online reputation with positive, recent and plentiful reviews.




1. Setup your initial feedback request text and auto-reply texts.  We will help you with this process.

2. Setup your process to receive and respond to negative feedback.  Whether you do it with a simple email reply or setup a brief survey, we will help you with that process.  



1. Export a copy of you schedule of patients who recently visited your clinic.

2. If your no-shows are not automatically removed from your export, then you'll have to remove them manually after you upload to 1800 Notify.

3. Upload your schedule of patients.

4. If you need to remove your no-shows manually, make sure to schedule the job start time for at least 30 min. after you upload.

Here's a related article showing how to remove people from your uploaded list:

5. Remove people who were no-shows so they don't receive the feedback request.



1. Be careful not to send the feedback request to the same patient too often.  (NOTE: We are working on a way to prevent this in the system automatically - stay tuned).

2. Make sure to respond to any negative feedback you receive.

3. Work hard to try to implement any feedback changes that make sense.



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