Tips on Exporting Your Daily Schedule (Chart)

This assumes you want to export two separate day's worth of schedule data into two separate files. You want to send a 1 day ahead reminder and a 2 day ahead reminder.  

2-Ahead and 1-Ahead Reminders

The schedule grid below will help you figure out which day's data to export for each day of the week.


How to name the files you are exporting

TIP: If you are sending calls 2 days ahead and texts 1 day ahead, you might want to name the file adding details like "2d-call" and "1d-texts"

For example, if today was Monday 09/16/18, you would export Tue 09-17 schedule into a file and call it


And, export Wednesday's schedule (09/18) into a file and call it:


That way you will know exactly which file to choose when you upload your schedule to 1800 Notify.

TIP: You cannot use a "/" in a file name, so use either "-" or "." or nothing.

3-Ahead and 1-Ahead Reminders

Here's the grid to export two files every day - 3-ahead and 1-day ahead reminders.


Does your web browser not let you name your file when you export / download it?

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