Outbound Appointment Reminder Results File Specifications

The outbound file (which will be in the /out folder on your SFTP account after the Job completes) contains the results of the appointment reminder calls and texts that exist at the time of the completion of the reminder job.  This Job Completion time is usually at the end of the final outbound call, or 30 minutes after the last text message was sent out (unless a setting has been changed inside the secure portal to delay the default job completion time).  NOTE: If there are any busy/no answer calls, this can delay the Job Completion time by about 45 minutes, as the phone number is re-tried 3 times while waiting 15 minutes between retries.

File name: [unique_#-unique#-unique#].csv

Where the 3 unique #'s are unix time stamps of when the reminder job was created - example:


See bottom of this article for a sample appt. reminder results file.

File format: CSV (Comma Separated Variable)

Field Listing: 


Detailed Description of field contents:

              'id', - unique identifier for this record

             'id_job', - unique identifier to link this record to its job

             'name', - patient name (first last) as it would be read in a message (required)

             'phone', - 10 digit phone number (primary one used for calls) (required)

             'appt_time', - appointment time in this format: 10:30AM (required for appt. reminder)

             'appt_date', - appointment date in this format: 1/30/2015 (required for appt. reminder)

             'appt_tov', - appointment type

             'appt_status', - appointment status (not used) 

             'appt_labs', - appointment notes (not used)

             'balance', - balance owed (not used)

             'provider', - code for provider

             'location', - location code of this clinic

             'user1', - user defined

             'user2', - user defined

             'user3', - user defined

             'time', - actual time that call was initiated

             'date', - date when call was initiated

             'message', - (not used)

             'info', - outcome status of this call or text reminder (e.g. Appointment confirmed, Person Answered, Left message, Busy No Answer, Text Message sent, etc.) - see this article for more details: https://1800notify.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001341031

             'patient_mobile', - cell or mobile phone of patient - used for sending text messages

             'client_code', - Used for patient language preference (English or Spanish)

             'patient_code', - (not used)

             'case_code', - unique ID for this particular appointment / visit

             'medical_code', - full name of the patient ("last, first")

             'facility_code', - (not used)

             'facility_address', - (reserved - used for showing mobile or land line status for the phone # stored in the mobile phone field)

             'facility_phone', - (reserved - used for showing mobile or land line status for the phone # stored in the main phone field)

             'reminder_type', - reminder type ("Phone" = send phone call, "Text" = send text message)

             'action_type' - (reserved) generated by system NPC = Phone Call, CBR = Canceled by Rules, SMS = Text Message, ERR = Error 

             'duration' - total duration of phone call including any time for transferred calls in seconds. 



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