SFTP Specifications for Appointment Reminder Files

The following describe the SFTP transfer specifications.

While some accounts may have slight differences, here are the guidelines:

STEP 1: White Listing your IP addresses

1.1  Send your SFTP server IP address(es) so they can be white listed on our firewall.

Send to support@1800notify.com 


STEP 2: Obtain your SFTP login information from our Technical Team

2.1  Request your SFTP login credentials (available after you complete your Service Agreement and Business Associate Agreement) from support@1800notify.com or by talking to your Account Manager.

SFTP Server: sftp3.1800notify.com

Username / Password: (supplied separately)

Port: 22 (secure)


STEP 3: Configure your SFTP automation to put files you send us into the /in folder

3.1  When you log into to your SFTP account, you will see 3 folders:




3.2  Please place all files you send to 1800 Notify into the /in folder.

NOTE:  When you receive results of the appointment reminders, they will be placed in the /out folder.

The /archive folder has copies of old files moved from the /in and /out folders and are stored for a period of time.  This period can be adjusted based on mutual agreement between your organization and 1800 Notify.


STEP 4: Naming your files.

We prefer that you add a date/time stamp at the end of your files so that they will not overwrite each other from day to day.

For example, if you generated an appointment reminder file at 8:05 AM on 12/31/2019, you would add that to the end of the file name in this format:



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