Appointment Reminder Specifications

Below is a group of articles that describe one of the setups that 1-800 Notify supports in order to automate the 2-way sending of appointment reminders and results schedule data between your system and 1-800 Notify.

This system supports the following features:

  • Automated sending of patient schedule data via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) "inbound" to 1-800 Notify
  • Sending reminders in the patient's preferred language (English or Spanish)
  • Sending reminders in the patient's preferred method (phone call or text message). 
  • Automated sending of appointment reminder results ("outbound") from 1-800 Notify.

This setup also securely sends the results of the phone call and text message reminders back in a results file that can be read in by your system.  In addition, we also support a real-time web hook communication method that allows your system to receive updates of 'straggler text message' replies from patients who send replies after the main calling reminder job is completed.

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