Epic Appointment Reminders (Call, Text or Email) - Create a Custom Report

This article describes how to create a custom report so you can export and securely upload your daily appointment file to 1800notify.com.   This method generally does not require any support from your Information Technology or Epic Support personnel - it's fully self-service!

IMPORTANT: 1-800 Notify can also work with Epic Systems in a fully hands-off automated manner (no manual running of reports and exporting them by your staff) - all we need to make this happen is that your Information Systems Dept. that controls your Epic implementation enable something called Automated Notices.  If you're interested in learning more, please email us at info@1800notify.com.

Once you complete the steps in this article, then take a look at this related article showing how you can run a custom report: https://1800notify.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/217936023

TIP: If you need help getting this done, just call us at 1-800-939-1853.  We're here to help!

NOTE: We do have a fully automated Epic Export function that can be seen in this related article, this automated method does require your Information Technology / Epic Support personnel to help set it up.

1. Click on the Library in Epic.

2. Type "ES App" and click Search to find the ES Appointment Search report.


2. In the Report Settings dialog, in the Criteria tab, adjust the following:

From and To Dates - Usually From: T+1 and To: T+4 work well and account for non-working weekend days.

Click on the Department and provider: Select only your relevant departments using the search icon on the right.

Then click on the Status checkbox in the left side, and select "Scheduled" from the right side.

3. Click on the Display tab.

Click the Add button in bottom of the left column.  

* If the Add button is greyed out (not clickable), you will need to ask for more security rights from your IT support staff or EPIC support personnel.

Type part of "phone number" in the search window and click "Search"

Then click on the PATIENT PHONE NUMBERS Field to select it.  

Then, click Accept.

4. Add more fields you might need in a similar manner, such as PATIENT LANGUAGE.

Click Save As.


5. Type a name for the new report such as 1800 Notify, click Accept.


6. You'll see the report on the list, click the Star next to it so it shows up on your Favorites


You're done creating the custom report, now you just have to run it. 

Learn how in this related article:






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