How to reset your Allscripts Password inside Allscripts (required for Automation)

Allscripts has a requirement that the user account that is utilized by the automation connection from any partner (such as 1800 Notify) has a password that expires every 90 days.

This is a new requirement in May 2020, that's why you never had to reset this password before.

Going forward, you or someone on your Allscripts technical team, will have to reset the password every 90 days or the automation connection to your Allscripts from 1800 Notify (e.g. for appointment reminders) will stop working when the password expires.

In addition, when you change the password, you'll have to send a secure email to 1800 Notify staff at with the new secure password you have changed.

How you change the password depends on your version of Allscripts (see the attached PDF articles)

Allscripts Practice Management >> use this article >> PM_ResetUserPassword.pdf

Allscripts Professional EHR >> use this article >> PEHR_ResetUserPassword.pdf

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