How to View/Edit a Text Message Template

If you want to view/edit or even test out a text message template in your system, this article will show you the steps.

1. Login to your secure portal at, click the LOGIN button.

2. Click on the LIBRARY tab.

3. Click on the TEXT MESSAGE sub-tab.


4. Locate any text message template you wish to view or edit.    Double-click on it to open it up and view it.  

Note: The maximum text message length is 600 characters - after which the text will be cut off.  On most phones (but not all), the 600 character text will be visible as a single long text (instead of 160 character pieces.


5. You may have to scroll down to see the entire text message template:


6. Make any changes, be very careful not to delete or adjust any of the special tags in the template<   > such as:  <name> <appt_date> <appt_time> otherwise they will now work correctly.

7. Save your changes.


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